Press Release: Sarah Clendenon Announces Candidacy for Idaho State Senate


Sarah Clendenon Announces Candidacy for Idaho State Senate

Boise, Idaho – February 11, 2018 – Real Estate Professional Sarah Clendenon announces candidacy for Idaho State Senate in District 15.

Clendenon, who was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, graduated from Boise State University with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration and then continued her studies in Public Law and Political Philosophy at Boise State. She and her husband Ben are raising 4 children.

In the twenty years that Clendenon has been living in the Boise area, she has been active in effecting change in local and state politics. She feels strongly that control on all issues belongs in the hands of the people. “The local residents of each jurisdiction are the most qualified to make decisions for their property, education, services, and taxes. The state and especially the federal influence in our lives needs to be confined within their defined minimum duties,” Clendenon said.

Of particular interest to Clendenon is the issue of health freedom. She serves on the Executive Committee of a local non-profit organization, Health Freedom Idaho. According to HFI’s website, they believe “that each person, parent or guardian should be free to choose how to get and stay well,” and that they are committed to “promoting and preserving for the people of Idaho the right to access the healing and health care treatments of their choice…” On this topic, Clendenon says, “At the very core of our God-given natural rights is the right to bodily autonomy and the liberty to choose how to stay healthy. The people working in government have no place mandating any particular path to wellness. I will always advocate for parental rights in the care of children.”

In her free time, Clendenon enjoys running, scrapbooking, cheering on her kids in tee ball, and camping.

“The people of District 15 deserve a Senator that listens, will respect their natural rights on every issue, reduces government, and stops the destruction of liberty. I will be that Senator for them,” Clendenon said.

Sarah Clendenon
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