I begin researching and working on health freedom issues in 2001.

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As Co-Director of Health Freedom Idaho, a non-profit created in 2015, I have volunteered my time, talents, effort, and energy to the fight to defend health freedom at the Idaho Capitol, and around the state.

What does that mean? Your inherent right to control your own body. Your personal autonomy and sovereignty. No one can force medical products or procedures on you. You have the right to informed consent. You have the right to make decisions for you and your family without threat, coercion, or force.

I have written and lobbied for several pieces of health freedom legislation. Two bills passed the House of Representatives with veto-proof majorities. One other bill was signed into law in 2021. I am proud of the work I have done to protect the rights of Idaho’s people. There is far more to be done and I am excited to work on these issues as your Representative.